The Bottom Line’ article from 1985
  In a ' the first page includes a feature that goes this way, Campus Snowball Battles Cause Extensive Damage. WHAT?! Correct! Thursday, December fifth, 1985, the paper educates us that snowball fights across the grounds have brought about broken windows in abundance. The most harm was done on the structures, Frost and Diehl. The articles express that "reports have coursed saying that immense groups were illustrative of residences and that of dormitory contention caused occurrences." Dorm competition?? I don't have the foggiest idea about my own neighbors in my home lobby! What might they actually be matching over? Cooling? Cleaner restrooms? Less distance to stroll to class? What in heaven's name!? At any rate, the college didn't actually know all things considered. They advised understudies that if they somehow managed to take part in the tossing of snowballs then they should put forth an attempt to not toss them close or at structures. Indeed, clearly the harsh guidance turned out poorly in light of the fact that grounds police needed to separate the groups. Later that very year, in February, understudies indeed assembled for snowball battles. Tune in, when I say understudies, I am discussing the entire grounds. Such countless understudies were included. This time, notwithstanding, there was less broken glass and not all that much harm. Most likely because of the way that these understudies probably been frozen. Like Elsa froze her sister Frozen in light of the fact that it was - 25 degrees F ???? Why on earth would you go outside in such outrageous temperatures!? It additionally says that the breeze was blowing at 20 to 30 mph! WHAT!!! I can't accept this, I could never. Okay? The subtitle of the image expresses that the understudies were headed to lunch before this snowball battle occurred. Wow! I think I'll simply adhere to Netflix! Much obliged for going along with me this Friday with another flashback! Stay warm and let me understand what you need to hear sometime later! Offer This:

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